College Visits

Beginning in the early 1980's, Larry began giving talks/lectures about his career and M*A*S*H, in particular, because, likely, that was what the audience wanted to hear. These talks usually involved him giving his speech and having a question/answer session at the end. Given these were usually public college and university visits, they were low budget and students were often asked to shuttle him around. The following is an list of schools, albeit incomplete. 



University of Maine, unknown date


December 3, 1984 

Bowling Green State University


February 1985

University of Wyoming


September 16, 1985

Vincennes University


October 1985

West Texas State University 


October 22, 1985

University of Nebraska - Omaha


October 25, 1985

University of North Carolina - Wilmington


October 30, 1985 

San Diego State University



University of Idaho, Parent's Weekend, unknown date


University of Rhode Island, unknown date


January 24, 1986

College of DuPage


March 19, 1986

North Carolina State University


April 4, 1986

Lehigh University


April 16, 1986

Salem State College


November 1, 1986

St. Cloud State University



University of Missouri - Columbia


September 16, 1987

Clarion University of Pennsylvania


November 18, 1987

Boise State University


January 28, 1988

Indiana University - Purdue University @ Fort Wayne


January 31, 1991

Utah State University


Unknown Year, Unknown Date

St. Louis Community College, St. Louis, MO

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